Friday, April 11, 2014

The cousin story...

It was my second week in England. Coming from someone who has never lived alone (ever), it was quite crucial for me to make friends who I will basically turn to as my family. It was actually my 19th birthday. My college mates wanted to celebrate the special day with me. So we made plans to meet at the pub/club which was quite popular for students at that time. It was only a bus ride away, so I obviously said Yes to their suggestion. And I'm glad I did. I was walking around with the Hooch in my hand. And then someone called out to me... And she suddenly said "Eh, you kat sini?" And I was shocked. I thought I was seeing things. My ex school mate from my country, who is ALSO my cousin (ok, quite a distant cousin I have to add, but so what...its still blood relation), was in the same city as I was. And I didnt even know about it. Full on depression dissapeared. I was literally hugging her so tightly. I remember her laughing saying "I know you were in this City, but I havent gotten round to looking for you yet". We ended up exchanging numbers, addresses etc. Chat for quite a while before we both had to head off to different clubs (or was it the same, I cant remember). The 3 years we were in the same city, she was my sister, my mother, my best friend, the person who made sure I ate well, the person who thought me how to make Roast chicken. :) I'm glad we are still close now, even though I dont even get to see her once a year anymore. She lives miles away, but she will always be in my heart.

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