Friday, April 11, 2014

Attacked by a bald men on the way to work

It was during my placement year when I realised the world is not as safe as I thought is. Yeah, silly, I know. I took it for granted before that day. Taking public transport late at night on my own. Making eye contacts or even small talk when I'm bored at the bus stop/train station with people (who I wasnt sure if was on drugs or just drunk). Anyway, back to the drizle Tuesday, 7.45 am, I was on my way to work in Derby. As usual, I got the train from Sheffield to Derby at the same time and got off at the main station, and walked about 20 minutes from the station to office. On lazy days, I would get a taxi, but would cost me just over 5 pounds, which I thought was a waste of money when I can easily walk. So since I had my brolly, and I was wearing my new Accupunture shoes, I thought I'd just walk it. The walk itself is not dodgy (or I thought was not). Its straight through town, under a small short 2 minutes tunnel (where cars pass by to cross) and after the tunnel, you pass a few pubs/restaurants/chippy on the left and just before the end of the road, you turn left and its a 2 minutes walk to the office. Though the road is slightly quiet, there is a man selling hot dogs (always) and he is quite a nice bloke, so I always made sure I would say hi or stop to buy a drink from him, (to make sure he is my friend and not "enemy") plus the fact that the food smell is so lovely everytime I pass his stall.
Anyway, that rainy day, as I was walking through the tunnel, there was a lady pushing a pram, me (a few feet away) and I heard some footsteps walking close behind me. My instict says I should cross the road to walk on the other side, away from the guy behind me. So I did. And then I immediately stop to pretend to tie my shoe laces so he would walk ahead of me. And he did. So after the tunnel, I walked extra slowly so that he would still be ahead of me. I then crossed back over to the prepare myself to turn left into the road that would lead to my office. The minute I turned in, I started walking quickly, as I knew he was already ahead of me. And then I head "Scuse-Me..." Unfortunately, I stopped and said "Yes?" Bald Men with gold earring: "How do I get to ---- road? I think I'm lost" Me: "Oh, I dont know, sorry, I'm not from here" Bald Men with gold earring: "Oh really...where are u from then? You're very pretty" And with that, he put his hands on my vagina area (trying to rub it) I was in shock. I pushed the umbrella in my hand towards his face and immediately ran as fast as I could. I ran towards the hot dog van and cried for help. The hot dog man said "its ok luv, he's gone, but you go straight to your office and call the police. I will stop him if he comes this way again". And I ran and ran straight to my office. I told my bosses. His wife called the police. I stayed in the toilet for an hour. Cried my eyes out. Didnt know who to call or what to do. The coppers came. They took my statement. They got a sketch artist over and I was amazed how my details could draw him up. I remember the gold earrings. I remember that crooked smile. When all that was over, my boss and his wife decided I should use the company peugoet 206 to drive to and from work. They also told me I should take a few days off work. I cant remember if I did or not. But the week after, the coppers came to tell me that I was very lucky as the next day, a girl got raped at the park near the tunnel. They think it was the same guy who did it. Until today, I dont know if he was ever caught.

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