Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Frightening weekend...

So I was in London. I stayed over at Leez's place. She arranged for her then bf and his friends to go out to then most happening club in London called Hanover Grand. They were regulars there, but that didn't mean we didn't have to Que up to get it like if we wre back home. No one is treated "specially" here even if you flash your pound notes....
Anyway, after an hour or so freezing our a^&e off, we finally managed to get in. Leez and I went straight to the ladies room to obviously empty our bladder, the lads bought a couple of drinks and unfortunately, we didn't get a table, so we had to hang out at the bar.
Finally, we met some other people from home (our own country) and they agreed to let us join them. And the thing I could remember one girl said to me "hey, I remember Ive met you before today back home. But you were skinnier then"

wow. thanks for being the typical Malaysian who has to point out every single kilo's you've gained (or lost).

Anyway, about an hour later, I was trying to talk to Leez, she was stood at the bar, and the next minute, she was on the floor. She collapse and fainted.

Her bf then called for help, the bouncers came within 2 seconds, took her outside to get fresh air and rang the ambulance. The questions came gushing out towards me.

Was she taking anything? What drugs was she on? How old is she? Does she have any allergies..?

I was quite scared. Luckily, it was purely alcohol, it wasn't drugs. They made me unbutton her top, they wouldn't let her boyfriend near her (security reasons) and there was no lady present except me.
They then found her fake ID card (we had to be 21 to enter the club) obviously, she was only 18 then.
And that was when I thought it was the end of my world.

They told me off, they asked me for my ID, the said we could have been sent to the police lad di dah....

And then the ambulance came.

I got in the ambulance with her as they wouldn't let her boyfriend through for some reason. When we got to the hospital, she had to get her stomach pumped.

So why did she faint? Well, it was because she didn't eat before she consumed alcohol. and yes, I see that she was very skinny then, so I don't think she eats anything, not breakfast, lunch or dinner.


And guess what? we heard, starting from then on, NO MALAYSIANS were allowed to enter Hanover Grand unless they carry their passport, and not just the student ID.