Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Sarah Story

I met a girl named Sarah when I was working at coffee dot com. She was still in college then, (now she's a nurse, thanks to FB, we got reconnected a couple of years back). She is one person who I will NEVER forget. She was wild, fun, fearless, FUNNY, blonde, pretty, and can drink buckets. I'm not sure if I have ever posted about her before. But this post is dedicated to her... After one of our dead tired shifts at coffee dot com, we decided to pub hop (and I think it was becuase we got paid that day for the week). So from Uni (me)/ College (her), we did a 4 hr shift at coffee dot com, and then got ready to hit the pubs. We went through quite a few nice pubs, I cant quite remember how many. We did go to Frog and Parrot, a famous one amongst the students. By 10, she was totally red in the face, and was getting funnier by the minute. (But is was one of those moments that you have to be there to find it funny).
In between the shots, the glasses of wine, the bottles of hooch, we managed to make new friends, got free drinks from the bar tender (I think), the new found friends, called our then boyfriends to tell them we might need to be 'rescued' home. I remember we walked out a few pubs with a few shot glasses in our bags, pint glasses, ciggaratte machine sticker stuck on our forehead and probably some other things that I cannot remember. I also remember walking in an alley becuase she wanted pee. I remember vaguely she taking a wiper off a car. I also remember we nearly got taken by the street cop because she spanked him with the wiper, and then ran. This was somewhere near the Moor. But I dont quite remember how we ended the night. I remember the next day when we met at coffee dot com we were laughing so much. I will always remember Sarah. She is one of the memories of student life that I hope will never ever fade....

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